TV Party

Mad TV vs. SNL vs. Sleep

Around midnight this Saturday, I tuned into the TV in our hotel, simply because broadcast (and cable) is such a rarity for me that I can’t resist seeing what’s on. I really should have known better.

About ten minutes of Mad TV was all I could take. I couldn’t even tell you the sketches besides the one with the annoying manchild and the trailer trash mom. I was watching with grim determination to at least wait for a chuckle when I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. Might as well make snide remarks on the unrealistic autopsies in CSI.

Realizing Saturday Night Live was on, I figured I’d try my luck there. Nope. Antonio Banderas was guest hosting, there was some sketch where he was hosting the Women’s Basketball Coach Fashion Awards (or similarly flimsy premise). It was more entertaining to wonder whether this could have been funny at all than to witness Banderas’ singing and mugging.

“Weekend Update” now seems to be hosted by two women, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and I’m sure this is being trumpeted as some sort of feminist achievement. Trust me, it’s not. Not even a cameo by Chris Kattan could rescue this bit from the remote’s Off button.

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