Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven

The Unlovable EP


When I received the EP in the mail, I was excited. I had heard miraculous things about Philadelphia’s own Eleven Eleven and had even heard a few tracks from their three previous albums.

When I put on the six song EP, however, my excitement plummeted. In the twenty-something minutes it took to listen to the whole thing, from beginning to end, I found myself confused. None of the songs had really stuck out to me. Agitated, I listened again… and another two times.

After the fourth time, the songs started to stick in my head a bit. The best tracks to forward to are “Unlovable,” which screams to me “opening song for the next big T.V. drama,” and “Suicide Tuesday,” which is perhaps the strongest song on the whole EP. The other songs fade in the background, leaving me to wonder how I could have drifted off during them.

Overall, this EP… I don’t know if I’d go as far to say its “unlovable.” After all, its somewhat mellow tones had a pacifying effect. Yet, compared to the band’s previous releases, this just is not their best.

Eleven Eleven: http://www.eleveneleven.com

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