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The Randies

The Randies

Saw The Light


Sleater Kinney split up, but it’s alright – we’ve still got The Randies!

The Los Angeles band of babes (and one dude) are this century’s answer to The Breeders, The Go Go’s and The Runaways – all rolled into one crisp, candy-coated package. Their sophomore release, Saw The Light, delivers 11 perfect gems of naughty schoolgirl fun that is currently on my repeated listening list.

Guitarist/Vocalist Laura Cataldo has got a Kathleen Hanna tone in her vocals that softens to a smooth sheen when harmonized with bandmates Sienna DeGovia and Laurita Guaico. Opening song “Freezerburn” is a suitable introduction for the disc’s layers of power pop, punk rock and indie rock, but “Wrecking Ball” is the one that pushes it past the finish line. If The Ramones and Elastica had children, it would be The Randies.

There is nothing to not love about this album!

The Randies:

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