Self Evident

Self Evident

Self Evident


Double Plus Good

I’m sure there’s a steady market for dissonant semi-melodic art rock, but the market can’t be as big as the number of groups out there publishing in the genre. Self Evident features a minimal crew on guitar, bass, and drums, and while their music is not something you can hum, the sound is full if bothersome. Melody is suppressed by discordant drumming, and vocals sound far off and under-mixed. Lyrically, there might be something good happening, but the work required to dig it out might be beyond most listeners.

Self Evident begins most songs promising a ’90s grunge guitar line, but as soon as the first bit of melody settles in to your brain, they drop into the Drummer With ADD mode, driving the rhythm line all over the map. Time signatures mimic the work of early Yes, but without the flair or rollercoaster feeling engendered by matching melodies. This is a record destined for an occasional spin on the late night low power station.

Double Plus Good:

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