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Allen Attacks

Mike Stark is a blogger, former Marine, and law school student. His blog, Calling All Wingnuts, recounts his attempts at getting past the screeners and handlers of todays fetid swamp that is talk radio and speaking the truth to power such as Hannity and Rush “I can take drugs, but you can’t” Limbaugh.

Yesterday he attempted to ask George “Its ok to be a racist if you do it in another language” Allen, Republican senator from Virginia, questions at a public event. As this video shows, even before he really got to speak, Allen’s goon squad tackles him to the floor, nearly tosses him thru a plate glass window, while shouting “Now you’re getting personal”.

While he was being assaulted, he did ask if the Senator spit on his first wife, as has been reported. Since Allen refuses to provide copies of his arrest records from the ’70s, or unseal the details of his divorce, a constituent asking questions about these areas is certainly allowable. Remember, the George Allens of the world work for us. We are their boss. And when you boss asks you a question, you answer. You don’t sic your sweaty comb-over white guy muscle on them.

Right wing blogs are all atwitter that “a protester” was “rude” and “uncivil” to Allen. Allen, who called a staffer of Jim Webb, his foe in the upcoming election, a term understood to be “monkey”. Who smears his foe with baseless accusations of writing child pornography- based on books that the Marine Corps have on their recommended reading list. Allen is an out of control racist clown, a GOP’er thru and thru, and finally someone calls him on it, and he reacts with violence, and seems to have no regrets over the incident.

Yeah, vote for these guys.

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