Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford

When a former President dies, you respect the office even if you don’t give a bucket of warm spit about the person. Although I suspect most of us won’t be able to do so when King George slithers into his final resting place, as he’s so corrupted the notion of a President, but I digress.

Gerald Ford died. All of the accounts about him praise how he led the nation after Watergate, and how he was an “able statesman”. Me? I remember a few things:

He pardoned Nixon.

He vetoed the Freedom of Information Act. Thankfully Congress overrode his stupid ass.

He and death angel Kissinger approved the invasion of East Timor, where 30% of the population were slaughtered.

The office of the president, I respect. Gerald Ford? Rot in hell along with Tricky Dick, and save a bowlful of worms for Henry Kissinger. He’ll be along soon enough.

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