American Watercolor Movement

American Watercolor Movement

American Watercolor Movement

It Takes Fifteen to Tango in My Book, What Book Do You Read?

If music is interesting, is it still considered art-rock? Sometimes is seems the experimental music scene is devoted to pushing the limits of what rational, non-drug-using humans can tolerate. The experiments rarely lead to something that you say “Hey, that’s COOL. Play it again!” American Watercolor Movement may be the exception. They claim to be Indie -> Experimental, but they do respect some or most of the conventions of melody, rhythm and lyrical construction. The title to this self-released disc is quite a mouthful, but the contents contain as many thoughts as the title has words. Mostly we hear of lost or malformed love, beginning with the title track. As the disc progresses, songs flow together (which ought to annoy any DJ who plays this) but the flow is pleasant and leads one from thought to thought, almost as if you were looking at one of those impossibly complex Bruegel paintings with its dozens of stories interacting. The mood is dark and bordering on urgent, but this is no Goth creep out, just artists making pleasant if not commercial art. Nice.

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