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Stand up stand down yet another lie

Iraqi PM told Bush to withdraw US troops from Baghdad </p>



p class=”storyhdr”>Sun Jan 21, 3:30 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki proposed to President George W. Bush in November to withdraw US troops from Baghdad and let the Iraqi government take over security in the capital, a US newspaper reported. </p>

Citing interviews with several unnamed administration officials, the Washington Post wrote that Maliki made the suggestion in a presentation to Bush on November 30 in Amman, Jordan.</p>

But soon after, Bush rejected the idea, the paper said.</p>

Which means that King George’s “When the Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down” blather was one more in a seemingly endless litany of lies he has used to sell his optional war of agression.</p>

And I’m sure we’ll hear more of them tonight, if any of us are daft enough to actually watch his SOTU address. Trust me, the TTP bunker will be showing something a bit more civilized. Like Looney Tunes, perhaps.</p>


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