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The congressional cowards sent a message yesterday, in blocking debate on King George’s escalation of war in Iraq- namely, that the will of the people of this country- who want no part of more kids dying in the Middle East- means nothing. Nothing compared to protecting the backside of the most despised occupant of the White House in our history, the second worse President we’ve ever had. Right wing thugs would have the world believe that now is not the time to send a message indicating lack of support of our president’s manical war mongering- that it will “embolden” the insurgents. Around 2000 citizens a week are dying in Iraq, so how much more bold can they get?

The message that needs to be sent is well voiced by Stan Goff:

 Do you want the United States to win in Iraq?


The US occupation force in Iraq is there with a malignant purpose. It was sent there to install a puppet government and establish permanent US bases as part of the post-Cold War re-disposition of an imperial military. The invasion and occupation was illegal and immoral; and it has been characterized by the slaughter of innocents by US forces, by premeditated murder and rape, by prisoner abuse, by the systematic humiliation of the people who live there, by the destruction of whole cities, and at the material, mental, and moral expense of the people who – for a host of reasons – find themselves in the US military. The Iraqis have a right to defend themselves, and a right to fight invaders.

We have to “lose” so that we don’t attack Iran. We have to “lose” so that future presidents playacting as kings don’t commit troops against the national interest. True, we’ll have to endure decades of “They” didn’t let us win” bullshit from the cowering keyboard commandos, but I can endure that better than losing a son to an illegal and optional war.

Congress, listen to Feingold, think beyond your next election, and stop funding this war.

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