Mark Bram/Ruby Topaz

Mark Bram/Ruby Topaz

Mark Bram / Ruby Topaz

Topaz Rarities

Mark Bram / Ruby Topaz is the most exciting glam rocker you’ve never heard.

This CD is the ultimate introduction to the man and his band. It’s a collection of unreleased songs as well as demos that showcase his vast array of influences ranging from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, from Queen to Alice Cooper. Aside from a few spirited cover songs, most notably ELO’s “Getting To The Point,” the rest of the album is penned by Mark Bram himself.

Listen to the touching song Bram wrote for his son, “Far, Far Away.” If Bram decided to give up performing, he could make a nice living crafting songs for other artists.

Aside from his soulful lyrics, it is Bram’s perpetually infectious musicianship that will catch the listener. Bram plays everything but the drums on this album. Put on “Drive Me Anywhere, Fast!” and close your eyes. I promise you, you will be hooked on this hidden gem of a rock star. It would be a crime if you weren’t.

Ruby Topaz:

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