The Blakhiv

The Blakhiv

The Blakhiv

Any Way She Wants It EP


Is it just me or does the the phrase “Icelandic garage rock” sound like an oxymoron? Black leather, distorted guitar riffs and lyics like “I wanna get drunk with you and take off all your clothes” don’t exactly scream the same culture that berthed Sigur Ros and Bjork. Still, The Blakhiv pull off hard rock swagger well enough to trump contemporaries like Jet. Most of the songs on this EP barely break the two-minute mark, giving them just enough time to establish attitude and a riff pattern before moving on to the next track. There’s no worry about becoming bored or bogged down in hard rock excess, extraneous soloing, ad nauseum choruses, etc. If it’s possible for this kind of scummy genre to be short and sweet, The Blakhiv have tapped into it. Not required listening for most people, but if Buckcherry only serves to make you long for a decent AC/DC derivative band, The Blakhiv should be close to the top of your list.

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