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The Reptoids

Here’s a “live blog” of this Reptoids CD I got in the mail the other day. It’s like a “Trapped in the Closet” entry, except this disc hasn’t even made it past the unforgiving plains of my coffee table yet.

Reptoids – Park a Tiger

They sound like Sub Pop’s forgotten daughters. Muddy guitars, mumbly vox…Elastica on downers? That seems fair. Reminds me of stuff I’d hear on the radio late afternoons during high school when I was in my room pretending to do homework (but really playing with Star Wars figures and watching MTV on mute). I can handle that. The bassist’s last name is Joffee. That makes me think of Al Jaffee, the guy who did the fold-ins in the back of Mad. Would Jaffee’s offspring change her name to avoid association? Seems plausible. A nice pastiche of tempos and moods on “9 Times.” “Crimes Against Humanity” is the best track, though, and it is the last. Rocks fast, smoothly, punctuates the thickness with skronky guitar breaks. Grungetastic. This is definitely going on my iPod.

Experience the Reptoids for yourself here.

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