Born To Lose

Born To Lose

Born To Lose

Sweet Misery

Sailor’s Grave

Naming themselves after a Social Distortion song (or a Johnny Thunders song –take your pick) was just the first step in Born To Lose’s attempt to step into the lineage of street punk bands that make getting drunk and being down on your luck fun again. Sweet Misery is a collection of pub-ready sing-alongs that would make Mike Ness proud.

The cover photo is of a gun and flask, and inside the songs are filled with Face To Face-style expressions of drugs, love, misery and bitterness. Tough lyrics and catchy four-chord choruses filled with whoa ohs help keep the anger level in check.

“Society founded on lies/You live, you fight, you work, you die/Anxiety will not subside” –from “Bitter Streets”

California has given us Social Distortion, Rancid and Face To Face. Boston gave us Dropkick Murphys and The Street Dogs. Texas is putting itself on the street punk map with Riverboat Gamblers, and now, Born To Lose.

It’s a rockabilly riot straight outta Austin, and there’s a two-drink minimum.

Born to Lose:

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