The New Lou Reeds

The New Lou Reeds

The New Lou Reeds

Top Billin’

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The New Lou Reeds? What’s wrong with the old Lou Reeds? Are their Pentium processors not up to date? Have their browsers been lagging when attempting to load flash-enhanced web pages? Honestly, I wasn’t aware of any problems. Guess I better get ready to upgrade. I just hope these new models come preloaded with spyware protection. That’s what ruined my first Mo Tucker.

All kidding aside, the New Lou Reeds are a honky-tonk band from Cleveland, OH, who have little in common with the author of “Sweet Jane” (aside from the fact they jacked his name to give their own musical career a boost). The Reeds’ sophomore album Top Billin’ is a $3.99 platter of drunken blues rock, the kind that doesn’t so much move as it does mosey. These guys should never have a problem booking the local watering hole in Anytown, U.S.A. Barflies love this kind of stuff.

The only caveat is singer Stephe DK’s low-grade Robert Plant impression, which sounds forced and stiff even when he tries to cut loose and address the listener personally (“Lookin’ for a Boogaloo”). Stephe baby, don’t hold back. Loosen your belt and go for it. Other than that, I see no reason why not to recommend Top Billin’ to the perpetually sloshed blueshound in your life.

New Lou Reeds:

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