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US helps North Korea violate sanctions

US allowed Ethiopia to buy arms secretly from N. Korea

Reported deal appears a violation of UN sanctions

WASHINGTON – Three months after the United States successfully pressed the United Nations to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of the country’s nuclear test, Bush administration officials allowed Ethiopia to complete a secret arms purchase from North Korea, in what appears to be a violation of the restrictions, according to senior US officials.

The United States allowed the arms delivery to go through in January in part because Ethiopian troops were in the midst of a military offensive against Islamic militias inside Somalia, a campaign that aided the US policy of combating religious extremists in the Horn of Africa.</em>

Yet again, our short-sighted, never met a dictator that we didn’t like moron government has abetted a loony tune in breaking the law, because there was some short-term gain. We did it in Iran, Iraq, and now North Korea. Of course, as with those other countries, in a few years “they” will be squealing like stuck pigs that we “have to do something” about the little tinpot dictator of NK, and our national amnesia will continue unabated. Again we will be attacking someone who we recently had no problems with.

And ya wonder why they hate us.

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