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Everybody Else

Everybody Else

Everybody Else

The Militia Group

In the days of The Kinks, The Beatles and The Temptations, music was fun. It was all about the toe tappin’ and ass shakin’. Motown, pop music, early garage rock –when you listen to music from those early years of rock ‘n’ roll (before everything had a genre, and a sub-genre, and a sub-sub-genre) you can smell the burgers, fries and milkshakes. You can smell the leather jackets and the exhaust from muscle cars. It was the early years of teenage rebellion, and songwriters like Buddy Holly were considered provocative. It was a simpler time, and the music reflected that.

If you’re obsessed with Grease and Dirty Dancing and your favorite scenes in Back To The Future are when Marty is back in 1955, Everybody Else’s debut self-titled release is your next purchase. They bring the fun back to rock ‘n’ roll, thank god!

Opening song “Meat Market” will grab you from the first beat, and Carrick Moore Gerety’s John Lennon-esque vocals will make you fall in love with their sound immediately. Like The Redwalls, this is a band that has discovered a way to cultivate the energy and pop structures of the early legends without sounding like a cover band. “In Memoriam” is one of the happiest-sounding sad songs you’ll come across, and “Born To Do” is just too perfect a song for a mix tape for your big crush. “Rich Girls, Poor Girls” has hand clapping, a sing-along chorus and an irresistible melody.

I want to keep this band in my pocket and take them out every time I need a smile.

The Militia Group: www.themilitiagroup.com

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