Oblivion Ensemble

Oblivion Ensemble

Oblivion Ensemble

Seraphim Hallucino

Malignant Records

This isn’t a record; it’s the soundtrack to some sort of weird sci-fi or horror film. The band list is deceptive, the instruments listed are so familiar –trumpet, guitar, keyboards, voice. But the sound produced recalls the final sequence of 2001, Blair Witch, and all the theremin-based Corman backing tracks. Dark, scratchy throbs are interspersed with barely-heard vocals devoid of thought or message. A window creaks in the wind, magma bubbles out of a cauldron, bats fart. These images fill my brain when I listen, and I’m glad all the lights are on and my blankie is nearby. I want nothing more than to take this disc and make a cheap short horror film, and light it with one 100 watt bulb and an infrared flashlight.

Or open a haunted house. Either one would work with this fine set of weirdness.

Oblivion Ensemble: http://www.oblivionensemble.com

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