The Exeter Popes

The Exeter Popes

The Exeter Popes

Snow, Mountain, Geisha

White Shoe

This is a real find! Modest in length and packaging, The Exeter Popes’ Snow, Mountain, Geisha comes across big where it counts: songwriting. Equal parts Pinback suppleness and Modest Mouse angularity, the band’s riffs are like lightning rods for the best turn-of-the-century influences. “Bristol Takes Arms” plods and stomps on gleefully unsteady footing, and the rhythmic racket that mounts in the background — beginning with clattering drums and bass, before broadening with hand claps and egg shakers — is completely charming. “Bombs… Bombs… Bombs” is much more fluid, its guitar line rippling between a shimmery keyboard melody. The formula established between these two songs makes up the driving force behind the remaining three songs on here; there isn’t much variation, but when the machine’s this well-oiled, there’s no need to tinker with it. This disc is unfortunately destined to fly underneath most listeners’ radar, but if you’re on the lookout for a teaser soundtrack for summer, hunt this one down.

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