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DJ Starscream

DJ Starscream

The New Leader


DJ Starscream (a.k.a. Sid Wilson), while Slipknot is on indefinite hiatus, has ventured deeper into his sonic obsession and furthered the skills he developed as turntablist and #0 of the Iowa nu-metal-core powerhouse. Having taken his moniker from his other passion The Transformers, he’s combined the cartoon mythology with a sick deftness for melding, then twisting whatever melody rolls across his mind into an atmosphere that bends the boundaries of turntablism and what you heard with Slipknot.

Following a shout out intro track from Beastie Boys DJ and pioneering turntablist Mix Master Mike, Wilson launches into a solid debut with 12 tracks – 5 of which are remixes of earlier work. As you would guess from a guy who was a key element to a band like Slipknot, the tempos are tribal and they tear right through you. But Stasrscream – like his cartoon idols – demonstrates the ability to transform the blistering pace to create a more transient and sublime atmospheric and surprising mix of classical, hip hop and rock.

Once the expected and blissful obliteration percussion subside some of the best moments are in the serene final two tracks “Swayin Vio-lyn” and “LA Head Space” featuring Slipkot guitar mate Jim Root. I loved experiencing the other side of Wilson, which makes me wonder if the rest of the Slipknot crew have been able to display the same diversity of melody and explore music that’s beyond the brutal rage.

There’s more than meets the eye with The New Leader which was originally released early 2006 in Japan where Wilson has a strong following and then saw its State-side release later in August 2006.

DJ Starscream:

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