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We Collide


Mesh are among the most talented purveyors of dark synth-pop on the planet. It’s no wonder that the British trio’s newest release We Collide displays their finest work to date. The powerful “Open Up The Ground” kicks off the album with a pulsing rhythm and an infectious melody. Emotion-packed vocals combine with a stunning wall of sound that will leave you begging for more. And this is just the beginning! The bareness of “What Are You Scared Of” grabs you and takes you on a satisfying sonic journey. Every musical detail is expertly arranged and produced by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode). The band has really benefited from Gareth’s input and has never sounded better. The pounding bass lines on “Step by Step” are brilliant and blend well with the guitars. Mesh have also matured lyrically and are among the best songwriters in their genre. “Step by Step” stands out as a monumental track with hit single potential. A softer approach is taken on “No Place Like Home” where Mesh excel with ease. Near the middle of the disc, “Petrified” builds into one of the strongest tracks on the album. The vocal effects and melodic structures are worthy of praise. It’s also nice that this is the longest song on the album.

“Rest in Pieces” comes next with equally impressive results. The chorus will have you chanting along in no time. Clocking in at just under three minutes, it is the shortest track and works very well. The rock-infused “This is What You Wanted” follows and is relentless. This one has the formula to convert skeptics into fans. The tender side of We Collide shines through on “Room With a View” with its minimalistic, yet effective use of sound design. But make no mistake, softer does not imply lack of impact. The majestic “My Hands are Tied” oozes with style and carries a sinister groove. You may not be able to contain yourself with this one. “Crash,” the first single, is a rapid-paced dance floor commando loaded with energy. The catchy chorus “I know the crash is coming/ I smell the fuel in the morning” catapults your speakers into oblivion. Be sure to play this one at maximum volume so you don’t miss a note.

Bringing the album to a close, we find two gentler tracks to complete the experience. Incredibly, I was unable to find a single flaw on this album. With the release of We Collide, Mesh reestablish themselves as true visionaries.


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