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Masters of the Lunaverse

Masters of the Lunaverse

The Anonymous EP


The moniker threw me off. Somehow it made me think of He-Man and Skeletor. But that has absolutely nothing to do with what this Brooklyn-based trio is all about. They are rulers of a different world and besides I don’t think She-Ra would really like the first track, the break up song “Anonymous,” in which Joshua Gelfand pulls no punches over a rapid dance beat: “I’d rather be anonymous than make myself synonymous with you…and all the things you do.”

It’s a quick gulp of danceable punk rock and witty choruses and before you can say “EP” the trio has moved on. It’s get in, get out, say what you want and move on to the next topic as the band take up only four tracks to convey their autonomous manifesto while still finding time to toss in one slow and resentful ballad (“Don’t Tell Me What To Do With My Life”) among three tightly-packed and quick dance numbers.

Masters of the Lunaverse successfully lay some witty lyrics over catchy tempos along with a dose of epic guitar work that sonically reflects the throng of marching wooden figures on the cover art. The Escher-meets-rock-n-roll aesthetic also makes me wish I would have found this 2005 release a bit sooner.

But still, the simplicity and straightforward lyrics of this EP make it not so anonymous and it’ll be a while until I get the final images and infectious groove of the dance floor portrait “Thud!” chorus out of my head: “If you give us a beat/ we’ll shake our heads/ till 2am like bobble heads.”

Masters of the Lunaverse:

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