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Every Man For Himself


Hoobastank came to mainstream prominence thanks to the double platinum, Grammy-nominated The Reason, and Every Man For Himself follows up with yet more driving rhythms and chunky melodies.

Songs such as the punchy and anthemic “Without a Fight” and “Look Where We Are” don’t stray too far from the tried-and-tested Hoobastank formula, but it’s clear that the band has progressed musically in between albums. The epic “More Than a Memory” features flutes, accordions, while the stirring “Inside of You” strays off the beaten track with a funk-rock influence.

The mid-tempo “If I Were You” is the most commercial track on the record, designed to replicate the success of “The Reason,” even if its lyrical content refers to the band’s ongoing feud with Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver.

I doubt Every Man For Himself will have the same impact as its predecessor, but the album will undoubtedly please Hoobastank fans old and new.


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