Consider this…

Consider this…

Watched an ad last night for the hot new product from Pur- “Flavor Options“. You press a button while getting filtered water, and the flavor of strawberry, raspberry or peach is added to water.

Is this necessary? Do we need this?


If you have the mental ability needed to create a system that delivers some chemical into tap water that makes it taste like a fruit, then you probably have the imagination and skills needed to actually do something USEFUL instead of creating yet another insipid product for people to buy. Do the years of hard work you spent in college getting a degree, do they ring hollow now, now that all you do is come up with nothing more than…product? Did you ever hope to change the world? Make it better? Or did you toil all those years in hopes of adding one more useless piece of shiny crap meant to propel us off the couch and into a Lowes, eager for peach flavored water?

Everyone has a role to play in this grand drama called life. Some work to cure disease, others, feeding the poor. Your contribution?

Peach flavored water. Congratulations. Feel good? Was it worth it?


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