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The Unseen

The Unseen

Internal Salvation


It may be just another hardcore punk album, but with The Unseen’s name scrawled across the top of the cover it becomes a release worthy of a listen. This may only be their 6th album, but it’s one more nail in the house of Unseen that has somehow managed to build for over 14 years now without loosing its solid foundation! Since 1993 these Boston boys have been tearing it up and knockin’ it down, constantly on tour and probably barely breaking even with each release, but the mere fact that these guys keep going is a testament to the power of punk rock.

Like State of Discontent, this summer release (just in time to be sold during their hot, sweaty jaunt on the Warped Tour) has got the angry political lyrics screamed out in Mark Unseen’s unique and burly voice, the double power chord attack, and steady drumming that will keep the pit churning.

It’s not music that’s going to change you as a person, or even stick in your head for days on end, but the mere fact that bands like The Unseen are still making music this aggressive and angry, without altering their attitudes to make a quick buck, is admirable.

The Unseen:

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