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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Memory Almost Full

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For the last several weeks, caffeine junkies have seen posters plastered wall-to-wall in Starbucks coffee shops from coast-to-coast touting Paul McCartney’s new CD, Memory Almost Full as being “a solo album worthy of his legacy.” It’s quite a bold statement to say the least, considering he is THE Paul McCartney. After all, not only was he a Beatle; arguably the greatest band of all-time, he was the “cute” Beatle for goodness sake. In fact, the man is without a doubt, one of the greatest pop songwriters ever.

While Memory Almost Full may not exactly be Abbey Road it’s certainly not Give My Regards to Broadstreet either. In fact, after a series of less than memorable records spanning the last 20+ years, this record gives fans good reason to cheer, or at least good reason to once again venture into their local retail record outlet or iTunes store.

Produced by Grammy Award winning producer David Kahne (Sublime, Tony Bennett, Bangles), Memory offers 13 all-new McCartney compositions with Sir Paul himself playing most of the instruments.

“Dance Tonight,” “Ever Present Past” and “See Your Sunshine” are all upbeat, blithe slices of classic McCartney reminiscent of the London Town record, while “Only Mama Knows” and “Nod Your Head” both possess the balls of “Junior’s Farm.” Yet despite his “legacy,” not all of the tracks included on Memory are gems. Although “rocking” musically; lyrically “Gratitude,” “Vintage Clothes” and “That Was Me” tend to border somewhat on the dopey side. However, it’s McCartney’s uncanny ability to optimistically and gleefully address death and the afterlife that makes the piano/vocal number “The End of the End” possibly the best of this batch.

Memory Almost Full certainly proves that Paul’s not dead and that he hasn’t yet run out of good material either. In short order, you could say that this record is actually “worthy of his legacy.”

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