• Band Vs. Brand

    Band Vs. Brand

    When does a band become a brand? This new documentary examines the current state of the music business and reveals how the “brand” of a rock group now has more power than the members themselves.

  • Jessica Pratt

    Jessica Pratt

    Quiet Signs (Mexican Summer). Review by Christopher Long.

  • Eric Schenkman

    Eric Schenkman

    Who Shot John? (Vizztone Label Group). Review by Christopher Long.

  • Clyde Cooper

    Clyde Cooper

    Suspense-filled and brimming with beauties, Clyde Cooper is a campy, yet entertaining, noir-style “whodunit.”

  • Fastball


    All the Pain Money Can Buy (20th Anniversary Edition) (Omnivore Recordings). Review by Christopher Long.

  • Vanessa Peters

    Vanessa Peters

    Foxhole Prayers (Idol Records). Review by Christopher Long.

  • Spent


    Touted as “a charming dark comedy with a vintage vibe,” the directorial debut from Lisa Mikitarian is a clever and quirky, Coen-caliber creation.

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