L.A Ink (TLC) Episodes 1 and 2

L.A Ink (TLC) Episodes 1 and 2

I suppose I should preface this by saying I have never seen Miami Ink, nor did I want to. The previews that I had seen annoyed me so much. The bald boss guy just looked like a prick. Now, that’s just first judgement, for all I know, he could be the nicest guy on the planet but I didn’t give it that chance.

I decided to watch Kat Von D because she is first: talented, second: well connected and third: the perfect combination of tough rock chick and femininity. I thought I’d give the first episode a shot, and see what’s what.  And hey, if I was gay, I’d totally do her. Before I watched it, I used my superior Google-Fu skills and read some background on Kat and checked out images of her tattoos. She does some really great portrait tattoos, they aren’t my cup of tea….but artistically they are great. The list of recipients of her tattoos is like a celebrity who’s who and in the first episode actor Eric Balfour (24, Six Feet Under and my favorite- Kids Incorporated!) gets a very meaningful tattoo reflecting his love of L.A.  In the second episode, it’s Steve-O’s turn for a tatt from Kat. He choses a portrait of himself when he was 2 years old. Odd choice, but hey, it’s Steve-O and the tattoo was really good work.

Her crew, as she calls them, are made up of some really incredible tattoo artists and Kat was smart enough to pick people that have different styles. There’s Corey,her long time friend and mentor with 25 years under his belt who specializes in old style black and grey tattoos. Kim, 16 years experience, who is more colorful and sweeping in her tattoos. She’s really into Yoga and art nouveau and it shows in her work. Hannah, a single mom who’s brother Guy is a tattoo artist also.  She’s known for her colorful and bold tattoos, great pin-up work and pieces of Americana. The last of Kat’s trusted crew is Pixie, her long time friend and shop manager. Pixie doesn’t tattoo but she’s a brilliant go-getter and freelance make up artist. She’s someone that Kat can trust to handle the shop business so I’d say that she has the most significant job in the place.

During the first two episodes, Kat was dealing with the contractor to get the shop opened as soon as possible. She had Hannah and Kim move from Chicago and they had no where to work. It was starting to worry Kim and she was second guessing her decision to come on board. They were all working sporadically out of Corey’s shop but they were ready to have their own place. Finally at the end of the second show, the shop was done and Kat gave the inaugural tattoo to the well deserving contractor. The shop is well fitted, stylish and just the right amount of tacky.

In the next episode, it’s the grand opening of the shop- it’s time for Kat and her crew to get down to business and the world will be watching.

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