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Scissors For Lefty

Scissors For Lefty

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What’s highly attractive about Scissors For Lefty is that they don’t seem to care about anything other than writing fun pop songs and having a blast playing them together. The San Fran band is made up of two sets of brothers (5 guys in total) whose blood relation comes as a bit of a surprise after seeing the flirtatious nature with which the boys interact on stage when they opened for Erasure recently. All part of the show, or some serious brotherly love is not for me to say… it is intriguing though. Gets your attention, makes you want to hear them, or better, see them play, don’t it?!

And hear them you should. The appeal of their unabashedly dance-inducing pop music is great like “Relax,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” or “Come On, Eileen” were great. ’80s indulgence, all caution thrown to the wind; music that was fluffy, and sometimes silly. The dance rock of those cocaine years were like candy, and they taste just as sweet 20 years later as they did in the moment.

The deep register vocals of Bryan Garza, and often times jerky strums of the guitars bring these guys into The Strokes’ arena of sound as well, which doesn’t hurt one bit. They’re happier than my favorite guys from NYC, but the influence is there.

“Next To Argyle” and “Lay Down Your Weapons” are just perfect car-stereo-ready summer songs.

Scissors For Lefty seem to be seeking to re-erect that flag of fun in music.

Scissors For Lefty:

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