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Delivering a plethora of emotionally driven electronic soundscapes, Rotersand emerge with 1023, an album of depth and discovery. Here the German trio push their craft to its creative limits and place themselves among the elite. Although fans got a glimpse of their new direction on their previous release Welcome To Goodbye, 1023 takes the band’s vision even further. Not only are the songs intelligent and expertly executed, but the emotional impact is equally compelling. While the core of their unique style remains evident, their musical designs and programming have risen above the stratosphere. The album’s opener “1023 Intro” is an emotionally charged piece that raised the hair on my neck. It draws you in and takes hold of your senses instantly. The mixture of acoustic guitar, piano, and eerie vocals is simply divine. The ultra-powered “Rushing” follows with brutal beats and exquisite bass lines. Superbly-produced vocals and trance elements combine making this song a contender for single of the year. Be sure to wear a safety harness when playing this one at maximum volume.

Dark EMB overtones engulf “I Don’t Know” as the listener is taken on a sonic adventure. The percussion is intense and not for the faint at heart. Your sub woofer would be left exhausted after this monster takes hold. With an explosive groove and stunning production, “Lost” will leave you gasping for air. 1023 just doesn’t get any better than this. “I Am With You” slows down the pace allowing you to catch your breath. The samples within are incredible and compliment Rasc’s soft vocal performance. The arena-inspired “I Cry” regains momentum and treads a path that truly satisfies. The band inspires and relentlessly engages their talents at every turn. “Shelter” ventures into open waters with a series of bombastic beats served with brute force. One gets the feeling of impending doom as this seven minute ensemble breaks the sound barrier. Imagery and movie soundtrack potential help bring “Gods Have Gone Insane” into view. With a menacing focus and an unnerving vibe, “GHGI” is an apocalyptic magnum opus. And with three tracks to go, Rotersand show no sign of losing ground.

“Drug” rocks the house in true trance/EBM fashion. Jaw dropping synthetics embrace you with intricate nuances for a listening experience worthy of an Oscar nomination. Treading along a similar vein, “I Don’t Remember” will turn heads and leave skeptics in the shadows. Crank this one up to concert levels for ultimate enjoyment. Bringing this auditory orgasm to a close, “Inner World” uses break beat aesthetics to entice you for another spin.

1023 is easily the most ambitious and sublime effort by Rotersand and will find itself among the most acclaimed releases of 2007.

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