This Unique Museum

This Unique Museum

This Unique Museum

A Collection of Short Stories


There have been bad stretches in my life, but nothing as depressing as this band makes me feel. Don’t get me wrong, their musical skills are unquestioned. It’s just that these small, sad, songs can slowly chip away at your mood and self esteem, and after a while… well, let’s just say that two bottles of Robitussin don’t have this effect. Ben Fitton is an accomplished acoustic guitarist, but he’s no folkie. Describing his sound as “low-fi indie rock with the ambient sound of shoe gazing dream pop” I get the feeling he’s trying to carve out a niche so specific that no one else could keep the adjectives straight. Will there be a special bin at the record shop for this? I’d like to think so, if I can stay awake long enough to get in my car to drive down there.

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