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The Pipettes

The Pipettes

We Are the Pipettes


Th Pipettes may look and sound like the simpler era of sock hops and malt shops, but this trio of British babes in polka dots have got feminist ideals that The Shirelles and The Shangri-La’s had seem to have yet discovered. Gone are the days of good girls waiting around for their “leader of the pack,” these ladies aren’t about to get walked on:

Your kisses are wasted on me (Boy)/ Can you see we’re through? (Boy)/ I don’t love you, you don’t make me smile/ For a while (Boy)/ Get out of my face (Boy)/ I’m gonna catch a chase some other guy/ Who I might like – from “Your Kisses are Wasted On Me.”

Harmonies, dance pop, and girl power. Sound familiar? Admittedly, these gals do share a slight similarity to The Spice Girls. Maybe it’s the accents, or the clean cut persona, but let me clarify – in big bold letters – THE PIPETTES ARE NOT MINDLESS POP MUSIC MADE FOR CHILDREN AND SUPERMARKET MUZAK!

The Pipettes’ music is as powerful as their image. “Pull Shapes,” “Sex,” “Judy,” “One Night Stand”… you will not be able to get these songs out of your head, I’m telling you! You’ll be hooked, and if you’re not then you’re a hardened, bitter soul with no sense of fun! Let loose, shake your ass; this music is meant to move you!

If and when you do find yourself won over by these ladies, if you’re hungry for more here are a few more bands excavating the past for poodle skirts and hot rods: The Gore Gore Girls, The Riff Randells, The Detroit Cobras, The Busy Signals.

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