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Colbert out, Thompson in?

Stephen Colbert Is Running-And Not Everyone’s Laughing

Stephen Colbert, or his Comedy Central persona of a flag-waving, sound-biting right-leaning pundit, is running for President – at least semi-seriously. (“I’m far real-er than Sam Brownback, let me put it that way,” he declared on Meet the Press.)

It’s a stroke of comic genius – such genius, in fact, that some people are screaming that it threatens to violate campaign law.

Now comes word from ABC news that campaign finance experts are saying that Mr. Colbert’s campaign may run afoul of campaign finance laws barring corporate contributions to campaigns, because it is being promoted by Comedy Central, the network he appears on, and by his sponsor, Doritos.

</em>How is this different from Fred Thompson?

Thompson, a Republican and former Tennessee senator, played DA Arthur Branch on NBC’s Law and Order for five seasons. NBC, in keeping with the provisions, has stopped airing episodes that feature Thompson, but TNT, whose schedule overflows with Law and Order reruns, will keep airing the Thompson episodes.

Cobert is actually polling higher for president than New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Thats some truthiness for ya.

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