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Chris Trapper

Chris Trapper

Hey You

Starlit Records

Chris Trapper’s Hey You has been out for nearly a year but such a special album deserves some retrospective praise.

The former Push Stars singer-songwriter has released two previous solo albums, but Hey You is probably the pick of his entire back catalogue – and that’s saying something for a writer and performer as prolific as Trapper.

A brief spell on Capitol apart, Trapper has spent the majority of his eight-album recording career on the indie periphery, but it’s a situation that clearly suits him. This freedom affords him the ability to release records containing such diverse gems as the quirky “Say It Loud,” the beautiful Celtic-tinged “In From The Outside” and the Latin-flavored “Tear Choked Eye.”

The sparse, gentle acoustics of “Everytime I See You” and the philosophical “35th Birthday” show Trapper at his understated, evocative best, while haunting opener “Feelings Without Weight” demonstrates a modern, melodic edge to his songwriting.

Despite the diverse nature of the songs, Hey You has a sense of unity that ties all the songs together: namely, Chris Trapper’s remarkable talent. His career may perhaps be best summed up by the lyric “Why am I always inside out/ Caught in the corners of the crowd?”, but I urge you to discover his music for yourself.

Chris Trapper:

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