Bright Outside


Chicago can be a cold and lonely place during the winter months. I guess that’s where this Windy City quartet comes to the rescue, bringing the cheery orchestrations and subversively optimistic pop melodies. Snuggling up to the music of Bright Outside is one way to stay warm and upbeat as this cute and cuddly four track quilt–woven-through with Brian Wilson falsettos and melodic nods to the Flaming Lips–wraps around your ears. From the first track, “Bright Outside,” till the end, I saw the sky split open as Wayne Coyne descended down in his ubiquitous plastic bubble and right along side him was Brian Wilson signing harmonies as both played the muse for this 2006 debut EP of swelling strings and piano crescendos cloaked in a sparkling and spacious translucent pop shawl. Can’t go wrong with the aforementioned influences for a first recording and the EP will be a welcomed ally with the winter months rolling in.


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