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Phunk Junkeez

Phunk Junkeez

Hydro Phonic


Yes, pheel-good phunk always sounds better in the steamy confines of a summer time backyard party and it seems that the Phunk Junkeez are 15-year veterans and pioneers of this thing called rock-fusion where rap, rock and funk converge. The quintet’s sixth release is a bottomless cesspool of cliché party rhymes complete with catchy hip hop hooks and piano-based party time punch lines, a rap rock-flavored mutation anchored on a reworked Mungo Jerry cover track, “In the Summer Time.”

The Phunk Junkeez apparently love to make music solely designed to fill the air when you’re chilling by the pool as the blazing sun (or a nice fat joint, if you’re a Phunk Junkee) melts your mind and your members. Hydro Phonic is, if nothing else, a mindless party album that tries to be political in a funny way and is a perfect fit for frat-friendly comedy soundtracks like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, on which they’ve also been featured. Without a doubt, the Phunk Junkeez fill the vacuum for necessary beer bong frat party music and have a commercial knack for reworking other classic rock tunes to fit their rock-fusion style, as they did when their “I Love It Loud” — a Kiss cover — was used in 1995’s Tommy Boy.

But other than that — unless I’m going to start spending time playing video games, another venue where you can here the Phunk Junkees music — in the words of Mungo Jerry himself, I don’t plan on having on the Phunk Junkeez on my mind no matter what season it is.

Punk Junkeez:

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