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The Touques

The Touques

Mustard Pickle Gun

A mustard pickle gun is the instrument Reno, NV’s The Touques have used to knock indie rock as a genre on its ass.

I could use any number of synonyms for “quirky” to describe this breath of flavorful air from the west, but to call a band that has the ability to call to mind Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Ween, The Smiths, and The Flaming Lips simultaneously is beyond the simplistic definition of “quirky.” These guys are strange enough to either be complete hacks, or complete musical geniuses and should they stick around long enough to be judged, they will most likely be deemed both.

For a wild and weird bit of fun, tune in to “If I Could, I Would,” “Self-Exploding Pepperoni,” and “We’re On An Island.” Of course, I’m also quite partial – being a Florida girl – to “Florida Mutant Economist.”

The Touques are the best thing to come out of Nevada since the dudes from The State took on the Reno police force.

The Touques:

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