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Heaven’s Secretary: Hello, this is Heaven. How can I help you?

Me: Yes, this is Tim Wardyn and I write music reviews for I have a couple of questions about an album that I am reviewing by a group called Intodown. Their latest album Brave New World seems to channel several musical icons who now reside up there.

HS: Ahh, yes. I did hear about that. Yes, the place has been abuzz for that exact reason. Several of our most talented residents have given their blessings and talents to Mr. Michael Clark and his guitar.

Me: I wondered because his guitar solos are strikingly similar to Jimi Hendrix’s.

HS: Yes, Hendrix was actually the first to aid Mr. Clark.

Me: Clark’s blues riffs remind me of John Lee Hooker, and the whole psychedelic jam-band-esque overtone is just like the Grateful Dead when Jerry Garcia was around.

HS: Jerry thought it would be a good idea to reinstate the “peace, love, and understanding” movement.

Me: But Michael Clark and Intodown hardly sing at all on this album. Why is that?

HS: Mr. Clark thought it best to let the guitar do the singing.

Me: So how was Clark able to meld psychedelic rock, surf rock, blues, and progressive rock all into one fluid album?

HS: That’s all Mr. Clark. He has a gift and he is using that, along with a little help to make something that everyone on Earth needs to hear.

Me: I guess that makes sense. I have one more question: Can Jimi, John, and Jerry lend me a little help?

HS: I’m sorry. They’re busy aiding Mr. Clark and Intodown.

Me (inner monologue): Damn.

HS: I heard that.


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