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The Only Children

The Only Children

Keeper of Youth


The Only Children is one more alternative country band whose live performance far exceeds their recorded material. Keeper of Youth comes off as a band desperately trying to write songs as timeless as Bob Dylan’s and The Beatles’, but coming across about as timeless as Counting Crows.

On stage, this band, led by The Anniversary’s Josh Berwanger, has an energy that calls to mind Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This energy is flattened on record, even though the songs still have a certain catchy appeal to them. Unfortunately, most of the melodies can be traced back to Beatles songs. “The Keeper of Youth,” and “Back To You” are the biggest offenders.

No stranger to criticism, “Dusty Magazines” finds the band shrugging off negative reviews and reaffirming their own importance.

The Only Children:

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