Glee overtakes GOP with Palin pick

Glee overtakes GOP with Palin pick

Oh, not so much, from a leading conservative website:

Terrible Choice

Waingro August 29th, 2008 at 7:48 a.m. (link)

Does anybody really think she’ll be able to win a debate against Biden?

Does anybody really think she has the requisite educational background — a journalism degree from University of Idaho???

Does anybody really think she’s a credible person to deal with Iran? China? Russia?

How is McCain going to argue that Obama lacks the experience to deal with all of these international threats when his own VP, a heartbeat away from the presidency, has absolutely NO foreign policy experience?

McCain just lost the election.

Close, skippy. He lost it when he had his nose surgically implanted in King George’s sphincter. But taking your biggest issue with Barack- his lack of experience- out of the picture by nominating someone even less experienced?

Da stupid. It burns.

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