Truth to Power

Thankfully thats over

The final debate, over.

Praise be.

And as he did the first two times, Obama wins the final dog and pony show.

Says who?

CBS Poll: Uncommitted Voters Say Obama Won Final Debate

CNN: Poll: Debate watchers say Obama wins

Even the masters of fantasy say so:

Foxnews poll:

Who won the final presidential debate?

Barack Obama 57% John McCain 43%

Oh, lets peek in at Wonderland, the leading “conservative” blog,

I guess Barry decided he already won.

Tonight we finally saw what so many of us have been waiting for. John McCain mopped the floor with Barack Obama.

Good, now you have another delusion to keep you amused for the next 8 years or so. You can add “John McCain won the election” to “Tax cuts for the uber-rich create jobs”, “The war in Iraq was necessary and we’re gonna win” and “Democrats are out of touch with real America”.

Have fun, and remember to dress nicely for your pity party, because in 19 days, “real America” is gonna kick your lying, reality-addled ass to the curb.

Good riddance, rubbish.

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