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self-assured/Team Clermont

Gather up your indie friends, cram into your indie four-door sedan, and head to the indie beach! Loxsly’s four-song EP Flashlights is a light, youthful companion on a Sunday afternoon drive through the city. For those of you confined to landlocked territory, take a spin around town with the windows down and let the wind pull your indie cheeks back into a grin.

Loxsly rocks like a hammock in the shade with sleepy vocals and sturdy accompaniment. The first half of the EP showcases Cody Ground’s drowsy tenor mimicking something like waking up Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) too early in the morning and putting a microphone in his face. But suddenly, during the second half of this precious gem, Ground guzzles an espresso and goes all Wilco on us. The album hits a climax with its third track, “Speckled Eggs,” and comparing Ground to Jeff Tweedy isn’t all that inappropriate. Finally, the last track swings us back to contentment and we’re ready to frolic – it won’t really matter where or when. I almost waltzed by myself in a grocery store parking lot at six o’clock in the morning.

What makes Loxsly stand out in the tidal wave of all those indie hipsters is their confidence. While Cody Ground may sound a bit reticent, the members exhibit maturity. They’re not clamoring for our attention – they’ve had it from the beginning (with Maps and Organs), will continue to take our hands, and skip off into the sunset. Adorable.

Who they remind you of: Beulah, Augie March, and Grandaddy.


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