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Na Na Ni

The Kora

Man, I love Sweden. Even the country’s name is sugary and tipped with glorious snow. I mean, The Hives? ABBA? Please, no contest. It’s only natural that Fredrik’s debut album Na Na Ni would be just as remarkable. Yes, Fredrik is worthy of note. Pencils ready!

First and foremost, the members of Fredrik are musicians. It’s hard to forget. Most of the album is instrumental, full of tension, building excitement, and rhythms ticking like a bomb about to detonate. The lyrics tell stories, but the music paints mountains, lush forests, and open bodies of water cutting through the countryside. The last three tracks warp time and I usually forget where I am by the time I get to “Morr.” I like to imagine I’m the main character of an independent film about to embark on a journey. There’s tons of peril ahead, but there is hope, sweet wonderful hope, and the promise of something pure and whole.

Another blooming, vibrant flower from Sweden is budding.

Who they remind you of: Le Loup, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens


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