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At the Soundawn

At the Soundawn

Red Square: We Come in Waves

Lifeforce Records

I will be the first to admit – I don’t know a thing about metal. I don’t understand the difference between Anthrax and Slayer. You get the idea. So, I think it’s safe to say that one should take my reviews of metal with a salt block.

There is nothing I love more than smiling faces on a metal album. At the Soundawn is Italian metal and you wish you were, too, I can tell. The newest album, Red Square: We Come in Waves, has enough bite to take on the sloppiest mosh pit and the gnarliest biker gang. Unfortunately, like its opening track, “Slight Variations,” Red Square is just that – slight variations on the same idea. The most interesting tracks are the last three and one of them has no vocals and lasts less than 90 seconds. Don’t let that deter you from investigating At the Soundawn, because those slight variations are grinding, growling, and thrashing… with claws. And teeth.

Who they remind you of: I’m not going to insult you with my ignorance of hardcore/metal/thrash music.

At the Soundawn:

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