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TAB the Band

TAB the Band

Long Weekend

North Street

Is it an unfair advantage when budding rock stars grow up calling Aerosmith axe man Joe Perry “Daddy?” Perhaps, but it also helped mold TAB the Band’s guitarist Tony Perry and vocalist/bassist Adrian Perry into the kind of musicians who can throw together an inspired record like Long Weekend, and make it feel effortless.

Alongside drummer Ben Tileston, the Boston trio pull from the Perry brothers’ famous father’s record collection while slipping in a few musical colors that aren’t merely altered shades of The Rolling Stones. “Where She Was on a Monday,” the soft heart of the album, bares more than a passing resemblance to Restless Heart’s “Bluest Eyes in Texas.” This sentimental, country flavor pops up again in “I Know That You’re Leaving” and gives a sense of balance to an otherwise full-on rock record.

That said, it’s on the swaggering songs that this band’s heat is allowed to shine. “Backseat Love,” “Looking Pretty, Pretty,” and “My Baby is Fine” are a triplet on par with the sort of classic rock songs Papa has helped to write.

TAB the Band:

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