Many Ways

Double Moon

KCP 5 started simply as a get-together among respected musicians who gathered at the Karnakata College of Percussion to play as one unit, checking their egos at the door. This recording captures the beauty of what can happen when jazz fusion experimentation has its way with musicians — who all came from separate continents — to join together and played without pretense, respecting the universal groove.

R.A. Ramamani’s syncopated native Indian vocals are nothing short of jaw-dropping as she matches, note for note, the equally sophisticated playing of the other drum, sax and trumpet players, featuring Charlie Mariano and Mike Hertling. Ramamani’s vocal ability gracefully communication beyond the language barrier as she doesn’t utter a word of English but nonetheless trumps what most vocalists can do when their audience understands each word. You could say this recording is an acquired taste and I would agree. I would also say that you would be neglecting your taste buds if you didn’t take the swinging taste test.

Challenge Records: www.challenge.nl

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