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Shane Alexander

Shane Alexander

The Sky Below

BuddhaLand Music

L.A. indie singer-songwriter Shane Alexander follows his well-received Stargazer album with this, his fourth solo record, and The Sky Below doesn’t disappoint.

A collection of expertly produced, well-crafted and superbly sung songs, it’s a testament to the level of quality indie artists can achieve without major-label backing.

The acoustic title track has a Simon and Garfunkel influence to it, but much more representative of Alexander’s sound is the more uptempo and melodic “Difference of Opinion,” the atmospheric “Brother of Mine” and the laid-back groove of the brilliant “Outside the Lines.”

But the finest moment of a Sunday-morning kind of album is the effortlessly memorable opening track, “Amsterdam” which builds from an acoustic intro and throbbing bassline to a pure melodic masterpiece.

The Sky Below places Shane Alexander above most of his independent artist peers and hints at even more impressive things to come in the future.

Shane Alexander:

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