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Bill Deasy

Bill Deasy

A Different Kind of Wild

Traveling Light

Fresh from his successful foray into novel writing, Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Bill Deasy returns to his folk music roots on A Different Kind of Wild.

Like his earlier records Spring Lies Waiting and The Drain Tapes, the album is a mainly acoustic affair, but despite the sparse instrumentation, those familiar Bill Deasy melodies are present throughout_A Different Kind of Wild_.

The title track opens the album in soulful fashion, while the raw acoustics of “The World That I Once Knew” contrast with the polished rock material evident on Deasy’s recent well-received side project Thomas Jefferson’s Aeroplane.

“Mystic Light” is wonderfully atmospheric, featuring slow-burning melodies and Deasy’s trademark smooth voice, while the narrative thread of “Gone To England” reveals just why Deasy has effortlessly turned his hand to writing books as well as lyrics.

The bluesy “All Again” raises the tempo after the somber acoustics of “Silently,” but the standout track on a masterful album of understated treats is the final song, “I Will,” which is one of the finest Deasy has ever written.

Ever restless to be creative, Deasy has a finished second novel ready to be released in 2009, and on the evidence of A Different Kind of Wild his writing pursuits have only enhanced his songwriting talent even further.

Bill Deasy:

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