Truth to Power

“A finger on the scales”

Evidently treason is no longer a crime in this country, since Karl Rove continues to go from podium to TV studio unmolested, spewing his special brand of rhetorical gibberish to the eager ears of the knee-pad wearing media. Speaking at the Loyola Marymount University in L.A., Rove was critical of the media’s handling of Obama:

Rove also told the Los Angeles crowd that media coverage leading up to the election was “unbelievably tilted toward Obama,” and “not healthy for the system.”

That coverage is putting a finger on the scale,” Rove said, adding that most members of the national press corps live in Washington and New York and went to schools with a liberal bent.</em>

Now, what Rove is doing is classic Republican theater- accusing the other side of what they themselves are doing, which makes any Democrat who dares to counter him look like they are playing “He said, she said” in grade school. Rove, as well as anyone, knows that the last eight years has seen the complete abandonment of journalistic ethics and responsibility in a mad rush from the investigative confrontation of a Woodward to something between a high school cheerleader and Joe Isuzu. Rove knows that his boss George Bush, while being savaged by millions in the streets and lambasted by critics on the internet, walked on electronic water in the national media for the most part. 24/7 we were surrounded, in shopping malls, waiting rooms, “1984” like, with sympathetic homages to our “Commander in Chief” and America Uber Alles war hysteria, scrolling American flag terror alerts that stifled dissent and intelligent discourse of our nation’s ills. Rove exploits it to this day, hopping on any cable news show at a moments notice to spew his deranged invective, yet never darkening a court. Nor will he ever. His only appearances, if this nation was actually governed by laws instead of personalities, would be on Court TV in shackles. But instead he lumbers the streets, talking nonsense, sowing discord and belching hate speech instead of being stomped to death like the America-hating cockroach he is.

Oh, btw. He was speaking as a part of the universities “Free Speech Week”. How’s that for irony, eh?

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