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The Guggenheim Grotto

The Guggenheim Grotto

Happy The Man

United For Opportunity

Happy The Man is the sophomore album from Dublin-based contemporary pop duo The Guggenheim Grotto, and it’s certainly an interesting listen.

The album was actually recorded at the home studio of Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliot, but the Guggenheim Grotto’s music is as far away from ’80s hair metal as it’s possible to be. Full of modern twists and turns and uplifting melodies, songs like “Fe Da Da Dee” and “Sunshine Makes Me High” are a delight, while the hypnotic and understated “Nikita” has a real ’80s synth-pop influence.

Elsewhere, the diversity of the material on Happy The Man is highlighted with almost every new track. The acoustic jam of “The Dragon” comes directly before melancholy piano ballad “Lost Forever”, while the unorthodox pop of the atmospheric “The Girl With The Cards” contrasts with the straight-ahead pop of “Just Not Just.” But the foot-tapping crescendo of the brilliant “Her Beautiful Ideas” is the song that truly defines this gem of an album, with its soaring chorus, ambitious sonic textures and even a hint of traditional Irish fiddle thrown in for good measure.

The Guggenheim Grotto have had their music featured in a variety of mainstream media, including “One Tree Hill” and even on the first generation of iPhones. Happy The Man looks set to continue that success.

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