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Whackadoo kicks out liberals from hunting class

Liberals told to leave

An instructor for a hunter safety course orders Obama voters to get out of his class.

Thirteen-year-old Lane Dunkley just wanted to go hunting with his grandfather.

What he got was a lecture on politics.

Dunkley and his father, Daniel Reddy, who live in Tulsa, went to Broken Arrow on Tuesday night for a hunter safety course normally required to get an Oklahoma hunting license.

The class was a reward of sorts. Dunkley, who wants to go hunting with his grandfather, was told he could take the class only if he brought up his grades.

So he did – to a B-plus average.

But when father and son arrived at the lesson, the volunteer instructor, Kell Wolf, asked if any of the students voted for President Barack Obama.

Reddy, a transplanted Californian – and former Marine – raised his hand.

According to Reddy and others in the room, Wolf called Obama “the next thing to the Antichrist” and ordered Reddy and Dunkley from the room. When Reddy refused, Wolf said he would not teach “liberals” and would cancel the course if Reddy didn’t leave.

So Reddy and Dunkley left, as did a few others.

Lance Meek, hunter education coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, said Wolf had been a volunteer instructor for “a long time, probably 15 years or more” and “from what we’ve heard and observed, had always done a great job. He worked with the kids really well.”

But when Meek received a call Wednesday morning – from someone other than the Reddys – he said he had no choice.

“I got the call at 8:30, and by 9 o’clock (Wolf) was no longer a volunteer for us.” </em>

Excellent. Now he has more time to watch Fox and post at And exactly what is “the next thing to the Antichrist”? The Antichrist lite? These people with their silly characters from story books. We wouldn’t take someone seriously if they called Obama a character from the Harry Potter books…but we’re supposed to treat this nutjob as if he’s not mentally ill?

Sorry. No can do.

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